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Growing up in St Paul, Minnesota, some of Noelle Claudette’s earliest memories are in the kitchen with her mom and grandma. She was always watching the two of them in their creative endeavors and was eager to lend a helping hand when she could. From sewing clothes, to running a catering business and even making homemade stationary paper, she’d watch in awe as they transformed fabric and spools of thread into gorgeous Halloween costumes and lumpy batter into the ooie-gooiest brownies you can imagine. She saw them throw the best parties on a budget and make due with what was available daily. 

    Noelle soon followed in their footsteps and tried many of these things, but her true love was in the kitchen baking her cakes. She started out with making birthday cakes for her 4 siblings, which quickly turned into cakes and cupcakes for family and friends.

    Eventually, Noelle made a beautiful family of her own and moved to Rice Lake, Wisconsin. Not knowing anyone in town, Noelle thought the best way to make friends was to bake a few cakes for the neighbors on her block. Seeing their reactions to her baking, inspired her to start ‘Cakes by Claudette’, a labor of love where she prides herself on creating joy through the sweet tooth, the most important body part. 

    One day, Noelle hopes to own a brick and mortar store. Perhaps her daughter can discover the same joy Noelle did in her grandmas kitchen. For now, Noelle is content baking in her house with her daughter by her side, watching with the same fascination she once did.

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